Penis Stretching Routine

Do you feel like your penis is way too small? If so, maybe you should do a penis enlargement exercise which will help you to increase the size of your penis. Penis stretching is probably one of the most amazing penis enlargement exercises. Not only it is safe and natural, but it is also known to be effective in increasing the size of your penis especially the length. So now you probably want to know how to do a proper penis stretching routine. If so, you might need to read this article because we want to give you all the best details.

The warm up technique

There are some things that you do need to do before you go to the penis stretching exercise. To begin your routine, you will have to warm up first. You can do a simple warm-up by putting a warm towel on top of your penis for about ten minutes. You can also just take a really hot bath or shower several minutes before the exercise. In doing so, you are minimizing the possibility of having an injury. It will prepare your penile muscle and tissue from the tugging and stretch that you will do to it.

The stretching routine

The stretching routine itself is very easy to do. First of all, you will need to use your left or less dominant hand to grab the base of your penis. Secondly, use your right hand or your dominant hand to grab the gland of your penis. Using the dominant hand, you should pull the penis in the opposite direction of yourself. You will then do it for about ten seconds and release it. You need to do it frequently and repetitively. Do it for about twice a day during the morning and in the evening.

The cool down process

Now that you have finished the stretching routine, you will need to do a cooling down process. The cooling down itself is pretty much the same with the warm up process. Right after you finish your exercise, put a warm towel on top of your penis. Place it on top of it for about ten minutes before you continue whatever activities that you have. By doing so, you are avoiding or preventing any kinds of injury that might come from the stretching. Do not forget your cooling down process because it is just as important in the routine to heal your stretched muscle.

Top 10 Things That are Bad for Male Fertility

Here are the 10 factors that can get in your way to becoming a father.

Weight problem

Obesity impairs many systems in your body. It increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, but it can also affect your sperm. Yes, obesity can affect sperm count, morphology, and motility, as excess fat converts testosterone into estrogen. Various studies show that elevated levels of estrogen may lead to male infertility.

Being underweight can also hurt sperm cells according to many studies. Maintain a balance weight not only for your general health but also for your male fertility.

Testicular heating

The testicles are located outside the body because sperm cannot survive at body temperature, and therefore the only way to maintain their vitality is that a lower temperature. This is why evolution urged the testicles to descend and resign outside the human body. And so testicle overheating may hurt sperm quality. Wearing tight underwear, having your laptop on your lap, and even a prolonged stay in the hot tub can lead to testicular overheating.


Some diseases can cause a drop in sperm count, for example, the flu or other fever, which is why you should not expect to achieve conception when you are sick. Relax, your body will continue to produce sperm, and your sperm count will go back to normal within two to three months after you are healed.


Many studies have shown that cigarette smoking not only causes erectile dysfunction, but also harms sperm count, morphology, and motility. One recent study published in the Journal of Reproductive Health has shown a direct relationship between the number of cigarettes being smoked in a day and the drop in sperm count. So, if you are trying to become parents, just quit.


A drink or two a day is enough to reduce sperm count. A study published in the medical journal BMJ Open found that men who drank five or more drinks of alcohol a week had a sperm count that is thirty-three percent lower, than those who drink one drink a week or less.


Studies have shown that caffeine beverages damage sperm. You can still have your morning coffee, but anything more than two cups per day is not recommended. Minimize the amount of caffeine at least until you get that egg fertilized.


A study published in the Fertility and Sterility Journal found that psychological stress may reduce sperm concentration and increase the quantity of abnormal sperm. It is still unclear how stress hurt sperm cells, but the increase in cortisol levels may be associated.

Cell phones

They already told us our mobile phones could lead to cancer. Guess what? They can also damage your sperm. Experts say that the radiation emitted from our cell phones causes the damage to sperm morphology and count. No, we are not telling you to dump your smartphones, but at least keep it away from your testicles.


There are many drugs that can harm your sperm ranging from medications to treat high blood pressure, medicines to prevent hair loss, chemotherapy, and radiation. Talk with your doctor about the medications you’re on in the possibility of replacing them with others. In a case of cancer treatment, it is recommended to carry out a testicular tissue freezing prior to the treatment.

Chemicals and toxins

There is a long list of materials that may hurt your sperm including pesticides, solvents, metals, and environmental pollution. If you work in a place where there is a high exposure to toxic substances, be sure to use protective measures, like masks and adequate clothing. In addition, avoid exposure to BPA-containing plastic materials and don’t heat your food in plastic containers in the microwave

Testosterone In Women

Testosterone in women decreases with age. That is just normal part of aging. The reference ranges especially for hormone go down as you age.

You want to keep the hormone levels in the optimal range, not for their age; you don’t want the testosterone levels. A forty years old woman does not want a menopausal or perimenopausal testosterone level, they all feel better if you bring the testosterone levels down to the age when they were eighteen or up to the age when they were eighteen, which is when they looked the best and felt the best. That is when they had the cleanest and smoothest skin.

Female sexual arousal is also connected with testosterone levels. You can increase your sexual desire by taking pills or using clitoral creams, before you normalize your hormonal issues. It’s a topical solution for those women, that want to have sex and get climax. Female libido pills are listed here. You can compare clitoral creams and supplements and choose a natural product for yourself

Could testosterone make women aggressive? We don’t see it making them more aggressive, we see it making them more assertive, so more drive determination, more focus, more get-up-and-go. Similar to what you see in men when they are on testosterone. It really is not a male hormone just like it is portrayed in the media. Everybody thinks about testosterone in men. What I’m trying to get them understand is women make testosterone, it is a very important hormone for women, and it should not be neglected in the medical community as it is. So patients come to be desperate. We look at testosterone levels, we balance the hormones, not just testosterone, all their hormones, we look at nutrition, we look at lifestyle, we look at sleep, we get that synergistically going together, and they will see a dramatic improvement in their health.

So when a woman is considering to start testosterone, it is really critical that they go to a doctor who is competent, who is an expert in bioidentical hormones. They need to be tested. We don’t just arbitrarily randomly throw women on testosterone, say let’s increase your libido. We have to look, I do a very thorough blood panel, and we make sure that their level stays within a normal physiological range, but at the upper end of that range. You don’t want to give a woman too much testosterone. If they get too much testosterone, we help dial it back. So it is really important that you just don’t take your husband’s testosterone say “I’m going be taking testosterone” because you can absolutely get too much. So it is all about balance.

So somebody wants to get started, they call doctor office, make an appointment. They go right to the website which is dr. Breen. I have an educational video on testosterone for them. I have what the science is about testosterone, and it is my frequently asked question, a lot of times patients want to see science.  So go to the website, educate yourself, pick up the phone, call my patient coordinator and she will walk you through the steps of how you become a patient of my practice.

What is Peyronie’s Disease and How is It Treated

It is believed that Peyronie’s disease impacts 6 or more out of 100 men between the ages of 40 and 70. I’m Dr. Arthur Burnett; I am an expert in Peyronie’s disease and every day I work with men and their partners to help them understand Peyronie’s and how they can manage their disease.

Peyronie’s is an uncomfortable disease that occurs when scar tissue called plaques form under the skin of the penis. These plaques can build up and lead to curved erections, which can be painful.

Peyronie’s disease often causes stress anxiety and even depression in men. Some studies show that over half of men with Peyronie’s suffer from depression. If not diagnosed early, the disease can cause problems with erections and lead to less satisfying sexual relations. This, in turn, can cause problems with intimate relationships and make men feel like less of a man.

Because of the sensitive nature of this disease, many men don’t talk about it with their partners or friends, much less their doctor. This is unfortunate because the sooner you see your doctor, the better your chances for good outcomes.

Although we don’t know exactly what causes Peyronie’s disease, many believe it is a result of an injury to the penis. The disease is split into two stages:

  • the active or short-term phase while the plaque forms and the bending begins;
  • and the chronic or long-term phase after bending is complete.

The earlier you see your doctor, the better. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor:

  • your penis curves when erect;
  • shortening of the penis;
  • narrowing or hourglass of the shaft of the penis;
  • painful erections or pain during sex;
  • erections that aren’t firm enough for sex;
  • lumps in your penis.

If you think you may have Peyronie’s disease, find the urologists with expertise in this area. Your urologist can help you determine whether or not you are suffering from Peyronie’s and discuss treatment options.

Here is what men with Peyronie’s disease tell about this condition:

“I first noticed pain when I would get an erection. I didn’t want to think about what it could mean. Frankly, I just hope it would go away. Unfortunately, as months went on, it was clearly getting worse. In addition to the pain, it was clear to me that my penis recurves in a way that it hadn’t before. I was confused and embarrassed. So for the longest time, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t tell anyone.

It took me a while, but finally, I saw a doctor. Once I was with the urologist, who specialized in Peyronie’s disease, I felt a great sense of relief. I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. Working with my urologist, we found a treatment that works for me. I feel like me again. Talk to your doctor and start to take control of your life.”

“I just couldn’t tell my wife. I was too embarrassed. So I started to withdraw. The first it was just from sex, then I pulled back from any form of intimacy. I was afraid of where it would lead, and I just didn’t want to face what I thought was a failure as a man on my part. This really impacted our overall relationship.

My wife knew something wasn’t right and eventually, I told her what I’ve been experiencing. She was very supportive and encouraging me to go see a doctor. I finally did. We both wanted to find the answer to this problem. At first, I went to my regular doctor, who referred me to a urologist, who specialized in Peyronie’s disease. In all honesty, it isn’t a quick fix; it’s more of a journey. Although the solution took some time, we worked together and found a treatment that works for me. Working with the urologist and effective treatment over time really made a big difference in our lives. Not only is our sex life back to normal, but the closeness and connection we had lost are back. I really think this experience has brought us closer together”.

Penis stretchers like Quick Extender Pro help to enlarge a penis and fix the curvature you may have. This dual effect is possible due to the penile traction benefits, that are mentioned in clinical magazines.

While treatment results may vary by patient, your urologist can work with you to determine, which options are best for you. Proven treatments for Peyronie’s includes injections, surgery, or sometimes penile prosthesis. Because some men’s curvature corrects itself to some degree, your urologist may postpone treatment until after the active stage is over. Generally, dealing with Peyronie’s is not a quick fix, but it can be dealt with very effectively. Your best chances for success are to see a doctor as early as possible. That way you can get a diagnosis and start your journey to recovery as soon as possible.

Is It Safe To Take Testosterone?

Have you seen the commercials on TV talking about testosterone? I’ve even seen commercials on TV where they’re recommending that you go to your doctor and get injections of testosterone. Other doctors will give you testosterone cream. It will increase your libido and improve erections. All you have to do is take testosterone.

Are you kidding me? When in history have people taken testosterone? It’s not even a part of our history; there’s no food that is testosterone food, you have to make that point, the body is not designed to take hormones, the sad truth. I’m up in my sixties now; I got friends have all been doing testosterone. Now they’re coming to me; it is not working for them. It worked for a while, now it is not working for them, and some of them now have big bellies as a result of it. Well, you don’t realize when you take a hormone, any hormone, you talk about women’s hormones, men’s hormones, this is not healthy to do. It will give you symptomatic relief for a while, but the damage, which is occurring, there are side effects.  Nobody disputes this is that if you take hormones, your body loses its capacity to make those hormones. Then you have to go to recheck and change the amount of hormones and maybe if you’ve got a really great doctor, and a lot of money, and you want to go and get checkups, and test all the time, they now have somebody giving you hormones to regulate your hormones.

How about another choice? See, people would choose that because they don’t have another choice, they don’t realize there’s the problem, or there’s the solution, which takes your testosterone and gets your libido, get your energy back, gets your motivation back, feel young again, build muscle mass, all that, take your testosterone. Testosterone is steroids. Why is it bad to take steroids because it caused the breakdown, the catabolic breakdown of all your muscles, your body just start breaking down as a result of taking testosterone, and your testicles begin to atrophy and shrink so that later in life you can’t make testosterone.

I see these guys; they are baseball players, football players, they were doing their steroids, they’re all pumped up, now they wake up every morning in a huge pain. The body is not making the testosterone anymore, doesn’t make enough testosterone. They’re all taking, you know, what is it Viagra. Ok, so Viagra that causes erections, they can’t make their own erections. It’s amazing, one out of three men over  40 uses Viagra. It’s shocking news to me how much Viagra sold. Who has a problem having erections? I certainly don’t ; I go what is going on here? And yet you see these people do, well I’ve worked with these people, they’re not making enough testosterone. So the easy solution is taking more testosterone. No, that’s not the solution!  The solution is to help your body to produce more testosterone naturally.

How do you make testosterone? How do you actually in a healthy situation make plenty of testosterone? Nobody knows, it is not written anywhere, it’s like the most “why is anybody looking at that question,”  I looked at that question and here’s the answer. Go to a gym, where people are most interested in testosterone because if you have big muscles, you have to make testosterone. And by the way, is it the guys with big muscles and make to have all that testosterone and make big muscles, why are they the ones are using Viagra? Before Viagra came along, they’re taking all these herbs, libido herbs. Why? Because they lose all of that sexual desire, they are low in testosterone. You see, when you build your muscles up big, you use up your testosterone to make big muscles you’ve got none left.

Big Breast: Pros and Cons

Having big boobs does not necessarily mean that you’re promiscuously in your behavior either. So just to clear those things out, right out of the gate, I would say to you to be more confident with them. I was a very late bloomer, so all through my childhood, ironically enough, I got made fun of for being flat chested, and I always saw people like Jessica Rabbit, was like I really want to look like that, like that grown woman form. And remember, the adult women, who are not very ample upstairs, are trying to do things to make them look bigger. So remember, that when you’re feeling bad about your own. And then it was the kind of funny joke on me when I did get very large ones. This is embarrassing for me, as a kind of funny joke on me, that then it’s like, oh you don’t think about it, but all these bad things come with them too. And it’s not saying that having a large chest is bad. I know some people that have a large chest feel that way. But I wouldn’t trade mine in.

I’ve had acting managers tell me “you’re not going to get cast with the chest size you have, because from here up you look like Disney Channel, and from here down you look like you should be on Spike.” So certainly boobs have not helped me in my career because you want to be like an average-sized. I think everybody wants to be an average size, which is why small people want them bigger and bigger people want them smaller.

There are review sites like which offer permanent breast enlargement without pain and side effects. I know some supplements really work, so if you want to increase your bust size

You may have back pain; I’m very fortunate in that, I don’t suffer from that yet, at least maybe that’s something all deal with later in life. You can’t wear practically anything that’s in style. Good luck trying to keep up with the fashion train, because it’s just not going to happen for busty girls. You know, you see those really sexy open-back dresses that girls wear on the red carpet. No, no they’re not for you. How about those really sexy summer shirts that are just so flouncy and, you know, like see-through in certain spots, you show the back or the side. Nope, those aren’t for you either.

The things that I find that I do feel confident in is 1950s-1960s kind of wear because they’re fitted through that area without showing a lot, they’re still on a very classy look. So I’d recommend to ladies with large breast to wear some clothes that are a bit more fitted up top, but not necessarily skin tight or revealing, but just have some shape to them. If you wear something really baggy, at least for me, when I wear something really baggy, it makes me feel like, oh this could be maternity wear, no one would know.

Which I want to swing back around now to Jessica Rabbit being my hero before I had them, since I was like, oh I want them, and then after I got them, and I realized that all the sudden, everyone thinks that I’m some kind of attention whore, like, you know, sticking my chest out all the time or whatever they want to be judging me. Then I really latched onto I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way. And I think a lot of people judge people based on a certain physical attribute, or all physical attributes, or whatever. I mean, we know this we’ve talked about this before, the people judge people based on physical appearance and that it’s totally crappy. So just try to think about the fact that you know people are made in all different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes the world go round and this is who you are and be confident with that. Just look at yourself and find ways that you can feel like, you know, what I look awesome today. So my question for you guys is how do you feel more confident in who you are for whatever reason that may be.

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