Testosterone In Women

Testosterone in women decreases with age. That is just normal part of aging. The reference ranges especially for hormone go down as you age.

You want to keep the hormone levels in the optimal range, not for their age; you don’t want the testosterone levels. A forty years old woman does not want a menopausal or perimenopausal testosterone level, they all feel better if you bring the testosterone levels down to the age when they were eighteen or up to the age when they were eighteen, which is when they looked the best and felt the best. That is when they had the cleanest and smoothest skin.

Female sexual arousal is also connected with testosterone levels. You can increase your sexual desire by taking pills or using clitoral creams, before you normalize your hormonal issues. It’s a topical solution for those women, that want to have sex and get climax. Female libido pills are listed here. You can compare clitoral creams and supplements and choose a natural product for yourself

Could testosterone make women aggressive? We don’t see it making them more aggressive, we see it making them more assertive, so more drive determination, more focus, more get-up-and-go. Similar to what you see in men when they are on testosterone. It really is not a male hormone just like it is portrayed in the media. Everybody thinks about testosterone in men. What I’m trying to get them understand is women make testosterone, it is a very important hormone for women, and it should not be neglected in the medical community as it is. So patients come to be desperate. We look at testosterone levels, we balance the hormones, not just testosterone, all their hormones, we look at nutrition, we look at lifestyle, we look at sleep, we get that synergistically going together, and they will see a dramatic improvement in their health.

So when a woman is considering to start testosterone, it is really critical that they go to a doctor who is competent, who is an expert in bioidentical hormones. They need to be tested. We don’t just arbitrarily randomly throw women on testosterone, say let’s increase your libido. We have to look, I do a very thorough blood panel, and we make sure that their level stays within a normal physiological range, but at the upper end of that range. You don’t want to give a woman too much testosterone. If they get too much testosterone, we help dial it back. So it is really important that you just don’t take your husband’s testosterone say “I’m going be taking testosterone” because you can absolutely get too much. So it is all about balance.

So somebody wants to get started, they call doctor office, make an appointment. They go right to the website which is dr. Breen. I have an educational video on testosterone for them. I have what the science is about testosterone, and it is my frequently asked question, a lot of times patients want to see science.  So go to the website, educate yourself, pick up the phone, call my patient coordinator and she will walk you through the steps of how you become a patient of my practice.

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