Is It Safe To Take Testosterone?

Have you seen the commercials on TV talking about testosterone? I’ve even seen commercials on TV where they’re recommending that you go to your doctor and get injections of testosterone. Other doctors will give you testosterone cream. It will increase your libido and improve erections. All you have to do is take testosterone.

Are you kidding me? When in history have people taken testosterone? It’s not even a part of our history; there’s no food that is testosterone food, you have to make that point, the body is not designed to take hormones, the sad truth. I’m up in my sixties now; I got friends have all been doing testosterone. Now they’re coming to me; it is not working for them. It worked for a while, now it is not working for them, and some of them now have big bellies as a result of it. Well, you don’t realize when you take a hormone, any hormone, you talk about women’s hormones, men’s hormones, this is not healthy to do. It will give you symptomatic relief for a while, but the damage, which is occurring, there are side effects.  Nobody disputes this is that if you take hormones, your body loses its capacity to make those hormones. Then you have to go to recheck and change the amount of hormones and maybe if you’ve got a really great doctor, and a lot of money, and you want to go and get checkups, and test all the time, they now have somebody giving you hormones to regulate your hormones.

How about another choice? See, people would choose that because they don’t have another choice, they don’t realize there’s the problem, or there’s the solution, which takes your testosterone and gets your libido, get your energy back, gets your motivation back, feel young again, build muscle mass, all that, take your testosterone. Testosterone is steroids. Why is it bad to take steroids because it caused the breakdown, the catabolic breakdown of all your muscles, your body just start breaking down as a result of taking testosterone, and your testicles begin to atrophy and shrink so that later in life you can’t make testosterone.

I see these guys; they are baseball players, football players, they were doing their steroids, they’re all pumped up, now they wake up every morning in a huge pain. The body is not making the testosterone anymore, doesn’t make enough testosterone. They’re all taking, you know, what is it Viagra. Ok, so Viagra that causes erections, they can’t make their own erections. It’s amazing, one out of three men over  40 uses Viagra. It’s shocking news to me how much Viagra sold. Who has a problem having erections? I certainly don’t ; I go what is going on here? And yet you see these people do, well I’ve worked with these people, they’re not making enough testosterone. So the easy solution is taking more testosterone. No, that’s not the solution!  The solution is to help your body to produce more testosterone naturally.

How do you make testosterone? How do you actually in a healthy situation make plenty of testosterone? Nobody knows, it is not written anywhere, it’s like the most “why is anybody looking at that question,”  I looked at that question and here’s the answer. Go to a gym, where people are most interested in testosterone because if you have big muscles, you have to make testosterone. And by the way, is it the guys with big muscles and make to have all that testosterone and make big muscles, why are they the ones are using Viagra? Before Viagra came along, they’re taking all these herbs, libido herbs. Why? Because they lose all of that sexual desire, they are low in testosterone. You see, when you build your muscles up big, you use up your testosterone to make big muscles you’ve got none left.

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