Prytanean’s members are what make it strong. We are a unique and diverse group of women from many areas and levels of study at UC Davis, with each member committed to scholarship, fellowship, leadership, and service, in upholding of the Prytanean creed.

Our membership is composed of current members, our officer board, and alumni. If you’re interested in becoming a member, you should check out our prospective member requirements!

What do Prytanean members do? Well, a lot! In addition to scholastic achievement, we value community involvement and service, as well as social activities and building friendships. Here’s what an average Pryt’s quarter includes:


Prytaneans excel at “giving back”. One of the great things about Prytanean is that our service events are pre-organized by the officer board. This means that sign-up is simple and members can expect to see friendly faces no matter what organization we’re volunteering for. It’s a great way to bond outside of social activities, and you always learn something new about your fellow members. A limited amount of outside service hours can also be applied to a member’s service requirement, and many members go above and beyond our basic service prerequisite. In fact, as a group we complete so many service hours that we are regular recipients of “Outstanding” and “Gold” level UC Davis Community Service Awards!


We attend small events, such as Dollar Scoop Night, and large events, like the yearly Retreat, together. From brunches to river rafting and everything in-between, we know how to have a good time. Everyone is required to attend at least one social event per quarter, but that’s just to ensure you have fun and get to know your fellow members!

Special Events

We make a big deal about things like Benefit Ball, Dinner for Ten Strangers, and our Initiation and Senior Farewell ceremonies. They’re fun, they give you a chance to work with your fellow Pryts on an organizing committee, and they only happen once a year! We hope you’ll attend one of our public events or fundraisers and get to know Prytanean!

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