Ever wonder what the secret to Prytanean’s success is? (Other than its fabulous members, of course). Our Officers! These women put in countless hours to ensure that Prytanean runs smoothly and that members get the best out of their Prytanean expereince. Learn more about this year’s fantastic officers below! If you want to learn about what each of the Officer positions do, read our Officers Descriptions for more info. If you’d like to contact the Officer Board as a whole, email

Prytanean Officers

President: Farah Zaidi

Greatest Achievement: Being a part of Prytanean and attending UC Davis!

Farah is a 4th year Biotechnology major, minoring in Technology Management. Farah is from Brunei, which is on Borneo Island. Off campus, she is currently working at a lab doing stem cells research at Shriners Hospital. She loves meeting new people, exploring new places and watching horror movies. After her bachelor degree, she is hoping to earn a Masters in Professional Biotechnology and gain working experience. She is excited for everything that’s to come this year for Prytanean!

Service Vice President: Ambar Hernandez

Greatest Achievement: Being elected Service Vice President and balancing all the important commitments in her life.

Ambar is a third year student. When she finds herself with some free time, she loves spending time with her family, friends and dog. When Ambar is not studying, she works as a tutor for low income students at Harper Middle School. She loves her tutoring job at Davis Bridge. She enjoys reading and loves watching movies when possible. Ambar is very honored and excited to be the new Service Vice President for Prytanean.

Social Vice President: Alyssa Benjamin

Greatest Achievement: Becoming Social Vice President and balancing school, work and fun!

Alyssa is a fourth year Biological Sciences major with an emphasis in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  She works as a research assistant at the Genomic Variation Laboratory, works as a math and biology tutor at Partners in Learning, and is a member of the Regents Scholars Society.  In her free time, Alyssa enjoys reading, playing tennis, dancing, painting and drawing.  After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Alyssa plans to attend graduate school, earn a Ph.D., and conduct molecular biology research.  She is excited to plan fun Prytanean social events this year!

Secretary: Kathy O’Neill

Greatest Achievement: Becoming a member of Prytanean and balancing my school and campus commitments!

Kathy is a fourth year majoring in Community and Regional Development with a minor in Linguistics. She loves participating in Prytanean and is excited for this year! When she is not studying or at Prytanean events, she works in the Dean’s Office for the College of Letters and Science and is a lifeguard through Campus Recreation and Unions. In her free time she loves being ridiculous with her friends, exercising, visiting her family in San Jose and keeping up with her favorite YouTube personalities.

Treasurer: Emily Henry

Greatest Achievement: Attending UC Davis and becoming a member of Prytanean!

Emily Henry is a fourth year student studying Managerial Economics. She currently works at the UC Davis Dining Commons and as a Guest Services Supervisor for UC Davis Conference Housing. She is also a Business Office Intern at the Davis Chamber of Commerce. When not busy with school, Prytanean or work she loves to go to concerts, watch bad movies with her friends and explore Davis.

Historian: Tamara Jenter

Greatest achievement: Enjoying what I do (maybe the other way around?)

Tamara is a civil engineering major. She plans to go to graduate school after receiving her bachelor’s at UC Davis. On campus, she is involved with the photography club, a research internship, and is a member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, along with Prytanean. Among her favorite activities are biking, camping, road trips, and trying new foods.

Membership Chair: Kaye Marquez

Greatest Achievement: In addition to being a member and officer of Prytanean Honor Society, her greatest achievements include being accepted into the University of California Davis and earning notations for the Dean’s List in the College of Letters and Science during several quarters.

Denise Kaira Marquez, also known as Kaye Marquez is a third year double-majoring in Communications and Sociology Organizational Studies. She currently works for Human Services at the UC Davis Extension Center. In her free time she enjoys singing, dancing, playing the piano, going on adventures, and spending time with family and friends. Kaye plans to attend a graduate school of business and hopes to pursue her education to be a part of a successful, value-oriented organization after earning her MBA. She is thrilled to be the Prytanean Membership Chair and is looking forward to the upcoming year!

Fundraiser: Ekaterina Tangog

Greatest Achievement: Attending UC Davis and being Prytanean’s Fundraiser Chair.

Ekaterina is a third year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major who aspires to become a primary health care physician. In addition to being a member of Prytanean, she is involved in the Biology Undergraduates Scholars Program (BUSP), a chemistry tutor at the Student Academic and Success Center (SASC), researches in a Neurobiology lab, and is a member of RIVER. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and traveling. She is extremely excited and honored to be involved with the Prytanean officer board this year.

Publicity: Julie Burrall

Greatest Achievement: Becoming an officer for Prytanean and balancing it with all other time commitments.

Julie is a fourth year Sociology: Law and Society major. In addition to Prytanean, she is the Parliamentarian for Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity and is involved in a local Go Club. She loves to run (or do anything active), sing, play the piano, climb trees, watch movies, attend concerts, do all kinds of puzzles, and spend time with family and friends. After graduating from Davis, she plans to apply to law school. She is very excited to work with other members for the upcoming year!

Webmaster: Tara Parker-Essig

Greatest Achievement: Getting into the impacted Design major, and being elected an officer of Prytanean.

Tara is a Design major and Community and Regional Development minor. She plans to found a tech start-up after receiving her bachelor’s at UC Davis. On campus, she is involved in the local chapter of Design for America, and the graphic design club Pixel. In her free time she enjoys photography, bike riding/repair, talking about politics & society, and the great outdoors.

Advisor: Lynda Jones

Lynda has been a Staff Advisor for the English Department for the past 17 years and has advised the Medieval & Early Modern Studies Major more recently.  Previous to her time in English, she worked as the Program Coordinator in the Department of Mathematics for almost 10 years.   She earned her degree in Psychology at CSU Sacramento. Lynda enjoys serving as the Advisor for Prytanean and enjoying time with family and friends.  Her current “hobby” is building a small cabin with her husband in Chester, California, near Lake Almanor and Mt. Lassen.

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